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How do negotiations work?

How does the process of negotiating work? What laws apply? And where does work action and self-help such as CHAOS™ fit into the picture?

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Here’s what you can do.

With each one of us doing our part, we can help our Negotiating Committee achieve the best possible contract for all.  Here are four ways that you can contribute.

Know How It Works

Learn about the negotiating process and the laws and regulations that govern how it plays out.

Engage In The Process

Share your thoughts with our Negotiating Committee through listening sessions, surveys, and direct feedback.

Stand Up In Support

Get involved as a Mobilization Volunteer and participate in solidarity activities to back our Negotiating Committee.

Stay Informed

Keep up on the latest news, updates, and information about negotiations directly from official sources.

AFA is you!

Our Union isn’t just one person, it’s all of us working together to achieve a greater good.  It will take support from everyone to achieve the best possible contract during negotiations.

Want to get involved?

Our Mobilization Committee works to support the Negotiating Committee and ensure that everyone has accurate information.

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